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The best and healthiest animals

"We improve the conditions of animals in their habitat and nature"

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La Empresa

"Nothing is the result of chance and success is the result of work."

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Prismaticos viejos Sin fondo con correa.

For more than 25 years, we have been dedicated to management and feeding, with our daily work of observing animals in their natural environment, studying their needs and deficiencies, with exclusive dedication and extraordinary results.


Our first encyclopedia was binoculars, animals have taught us almost everything, that was the basis, afterwards, there has been a lot of study and product analysis work of the best specialized publications in the world.

From all this we have taken the good, to get to the point of developing an optimized product, all with suitable handling guidelines, without which the final result would not be the desired one.


In the last 25 years we have bred with our management and with our high production feeding programs, Iberian deer, mouflon, roe deer, fallow deer and wild boars that occupy the first places in the ranking.


Furthermore, we continue to study and collaborate with organizations and entities to improve and offer future opportunities in various fields. Among these collaborations is the one we carried out with the experimental farm of the University of Albacete considered as the best in Europe, where very important studies and projects are carried out internationally, in the improvement of mineralization of the horns and their physical and mechanical properties.



«Cañones, tradition, passion, innovation. Cañones, guarantee of quality and results ».

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Alimentación Cinegética
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Our feeding program is based on many years of EXPERIENCE IN THE FIELD, studying species in all their facets, both genetic and behavioral, organic and pathological, contrasting tests on experimental farms and on the most prestigious deer farm in Spain and Considered as the second most important in the world in the sector which is that of UCLM and with the help of PROVIMI, a scientific and research group in animal nutrition, considered the most important in the world in this sector.

This has led our nutritionists, technicians and veterinarians to create a feeding program of a quality unique in the market.


All this combination of research, technology and work is contained in the NU CAÑONES KINETIC FEED, which decisively contributes to making the most of the organic and genetic potential of animals, to achieve healthy and balanced growth.


We are specialized in deworming and specific feed treatments.
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  • Specific feed for deer.

  • Greater digestibility and assimilation of nutrients.

  • Special for cats: that enhance their growth and early development.

  • Maintenance: rich in nutrients to collect them for the next horn production.

  • Trophy: getting the animal to produce the largest antler that its genetic potential allows.

  • Supervision by qualified technicians.

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  • I think very appetizing and digestive, to feed the cats at this important stage of their lives, since it is the period of maximum growth.

  • This feed contains a set of minerals and vitamins (protected so as not to lose properties in the process of making the feed), perfectly BALANCED, with four proteins that contribute to the maximum growth of the cats in a healthy and balanced way.

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  • It is the result of an exhaustive investigation, with the collaboration of entities and organisms for many years. The result is a feed that decisively helps greater growth and horn thickness.

  • It is a high protein feed, with four different ones, one of them highly digestible and by-pass, with a balance of vitamins (protected so as not to lose properties in the process of making the feed) and perfectly BALANCED minerals, to be able to provide all the micro-elements necessary for the deer, at this important and decisive stage of the growth and development of the antler. It is supplied from the beginning of January until the loss of the correal.

  • In addition to enhance the assimilation of all these nutrients, we have incorporated a pre-digester that makes the use close to 100%.

  • This has resulted in field-proven feed, with exceptional and proven results that make CIERVOS TROFEO CAÑONES feed the star feed in our hunting and market feeding programs.




  • Deer feed: designed to feed deer at all times of the year except in the growth period of the antler, very digestive and very nutritious, with three different proteins and with a set of minerals and vitamins (protected so as not to lose properties in the process of elaboration of the feed), perfectly BALANCED.

  • Completed with a high-tech BUFFER, which makes all these minerals and vitamins 100% assimilated, since it acts from the rumen to the rectum.

  • All this makes the deer are with all their needs covered and perfectly prepared for when the growth period of the horn arrives, to be able to develop all its genetic potential in its growth.

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  • This product is designed for auto feed manufacturing, also to incorporate into unifeed mixtures, etc.

  • Incorporating 10% to the ration of our deer we will obtain an excellent maintenance feed for deer.

  • Incorporating 12-14% to the ration of our deer, we will obtain an extraordinary feed for the antler.

  • To advise you on the use, formulation and mixtures, our expert team of nutritionists is at your disposal.


Extraordinary concealer designed for the self-manufacturing of feed, cereal mixes or to incorporate into unifeed mixes, etc.

Its incorporation ranges from a maximum of 1% to 5% to the ration of our cervids depending on the recommendations of the technician, the time of year and the raw materials that we use to manufacture the feed or unifeed mixture. We will obtain an extraordinary special feed for the species, being able to get the most complete food for maximum development.


To advise you on the use, formulation and mixtures we recommend consulting with our team of nutritionists.


This vitamin-mineral block is made from the same core as our feed. We can manufacture blocks to measure, in special cases, depending on the characteristics of the farm. They are the ideal complement to the food that our animals have in the bush.

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  • In farms we look for PRODUCTION.

  • Pregnant-lactating females, with more animals per farrowing and more milk.

  • Rayon starter.

  • Scratches growing.

  • For males we seek the highest GROWTH OF THE FANG and the lowest FAT for a better behavior in the field.

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  • I think of high appetite for adult wild boars, low in fat energy, which incorporates a concealer thought and technically designed to avoid liver disorders and with mineral levels that ensure correct and faster growth of tusks in males (scientifically proven ).

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  • This product is designed for auto feed manufacturing, also to incorporate into unifeed mixtures, etc.

  • Incorporating 10% to the ration of our wild boars, we will obtain an extraordinary feed with characteristics very similar to the feed of wild boar Trofeo Cañones NU.

  • To advise you on the use, formulation and mixtures, our expert team of nutritionists is at your disposal.

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  • I think for female wild boar (pregnant and lactating), designed to keep females in an optimal state of health, it incorporates a high-tech product designed to achieve a GREATER NUMBER OF RAYS PER BIRTH ALIVE AND to stimulate the flow of milk in the udders, to ensure the survival of the litter.

  • Specific product for farms.

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  • Lacteal feed for the initiation of scratches in food, highly digestible and prepared to prevent diarrhea and digestive disorders, which occur so much in the initiation of feed (without drugs). Achieving optimum growth and good adaptation to the growth feed in a healthy and natural way.

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  • Special for roe deer, to supply from the first of October until the loss of the corral.

  • This feed is made with flaked cereals, designed to provide our roe deer with highly digestible protein, with the necessary vitamins and minerals so that their food is of exceptional quality.

  • Highly digestible and assimilable to produce exceptional trophies.

  • Specially designed for your digestive system (different from deer).

  • Digestibility and maximum assimilation.

Gestión de Fincas de Caza
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Farm Management

The management of any hunting farm can be easy or complicated, based on the fact that each farm has particular characteristics, which make it different from the others, therefore, each must have its specific management and therefore not Actions that can be done in others are worthwhile, when doing that specific management that we were talking about, it is very important to be able to carry it out optimizing resources, adjusting expenses and costs, to achieve the objective set.

Cañones WildLife Services, makes specialized efforts in hunting farms with extensive experience and with very positive results that guarantee us.
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Our work is based on an exhaustive and detailed study of the conditions of the farm.


  • Population densities by species.

  • Feeding.

  • Water.

  • Vegetation status.

Improvement plan consisting of:


  • Selection of animal, looking for the best genetics.

  • Achieve the ideal balance between the number of cattle and the conditions of the farm.

  • Repopulations if necessary, to refresh existing blood and improve quality in a reasonable time.

  • Improvement of pastures from soil studies with PH analysis and rainfall, creating a specific seed mix for each farm, offering a complete and balanced diet, complemented by our varied feed offer.

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Continuous and rigorous monitoring of the plan and the objectives set.

Periodic visits to the farm, which may vary depending on the time of year and permanent communication with the property and nursery.

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Integral management.

If you need to cover all the daily needs of your farm, we put at your disposal our specialized team consisting of:

I don't know

  • Carrying out traps.

  • Engineers.

  • Veterinarians.

  • Nutritionists.

  • HR (personnel selection).

  • Carrying out all kinds of agricultural and forestry work (fences, swamps, reforestation, clearing, clearing, pruning, gps measurements, etc.)

  • Management for obtaining subsidies.

  • Environmental impact studies.

  • Forest management.

  • Technical plans.

  • Forest fire prevention plans.

  • Management projects.

  • Zoological nuclei and farms.

  • Forest-hydrological projects.

  • Ecological recovery projects for degraded spaces.



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We improve pastures


From the implantation of dry and / or irrigated meadows, by means of mixtures of seeds selected for their perfect adaptation, composed of grasses and legumes, determined by the following factors: type of soil, climate and use.

The correct choice of mixture is essential for the success of the meadow.

Today the preservation of species and for the conservation of nature is evident. Knowing the importance that pastures have in most farms, the EXTENSIVE range has been developed (long-lasting dry meadows), with a productive capacity of 3 to 6 times higher than that of natural pastures. EXTENSIVE is a range of mixtures composed of legumes (annual and perennial) selected for their perfect adaptation to specific soil and climate conditions. well installed and managed, they produce very productive and persistent meadows of excellent quality and low cost.

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Impact of EXTENSIVE on hunting production:


  • Herb production increases for many years.

  • Significantly improves farm economics.

  • It allows higher animal loads per ha.

  • The percentage of females that are covered at two years of age increases, with this percentage being higher, the better the animal's body condition.

  • It increases the quantity and quality of animals, and reduces the costs inherent in obtaining them.


EXTENSIVE impact on the environment:


  • It guarantees a high biological fixation rate of Nitrogen.

  • Improves soil fertility by increasing organic matter.

  • Increases the infiltration capacity and water retention of the soil.

  • Reduces soil erosion.

Its production is between Autumn and Spring, depending on the rainy season, however, it can be grazed throughout the year. In the humid period the animals take advantage of the high quality green grass, and during the Summer the dry leaves and stems, as well as the seeds, constitute a valuable food reserve, of high nutritional value and highly appreciated by the animals. The seeds of the different legumes, constituents of the EXTENSIVE range, are inoculated with Rhizobium, guaranteeing high fixation rates of atmospheric nitrogen.


Compra - Venta

Purchase - Sale of Estates

We help and advise you to buy or sell your farm, with total discretion

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We have a varied offer of farms, some of the best in Spain and Portugal. We can offer you the farm you are looking for by situation, extension (from 250 hectares to 6,000 hectares., And with the qualities you want. We have farms in many provinces, with different extensions and with various infrastructures.

We advise you in all the details on the characteristics and potential of the farm and we help you find the one that best suits your wishes and needs. We will not waste your time on useless trips.


We look for the ideal buyer for your farm, we do not make unnecessary visits. We have a portfolio of real buyers.

Professionalism, Seriousness and Quality

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¡Gracias por su mensaje!

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